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Our great nation feels as divided as it has ever been.  News reports and media stories highlighting extremism on every side, racism, sexism, and violence permeate the airwaves.  A lack of respect and civility in public discourse has invaded every aspect of American politics.  More troublesome is the news that Russia and China have actively interfered in our elections and are openly showing their disdain for the United States, our Constitution, and our Democracy.  The rise of Marxist and Communist speech on college campuses is spreading to Washington, DC and trickling down to our States and Towns.  Patriotism has become a taboo.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

Edmund Burke

Now is the time for all good people of all backgrounds to join together.  We must educate our children and instill patriotic values.  As a son of immigrants and a first hand witness to the September 11th Terror Attacks, the Flag is a living embodiment of hope, unity, and security in my life.  Americans rallied to the flag as a nation in the days, weeks, and months after the terror attacks.  The Red, White and Blue was raised in front of homes, on cars and storefronts. A tribute to the patriots we lost and a severe warning to our enemies. An unmistakable sign that our national will and focus was on the preservation of our democracy and the defense of our Republic. 

The Pledge Project seeks to unite America by defining what we have in common – our great nation and our Flag.  Sure, we are all different, but we have this one bond and it is a strong foundation to build upon.  Please join our movement as we show the world our unity and Patriotism.

God Bless and Protect America, Always.

Thank you.

PledgeProject.US is a firefighter owned business. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any political party or group.

Taken on September 11th, 2015 at the New York Stock Exchange