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Pledge Project launches 2021 “Go Where It Grows” Campaign.

It’s officially summer! The warm sun never felt so good and the fresh air so freeing. To celebrate all things summer, Pledge Project is raising awareness for local farmers and growers of all types across the country. The fantastic produce, fresh tomatoes, berries, greens and more plus the care and work that goes into growing. Our goal is to encourage more Americans to explore their state’s farms and markets.

Our Earth Friendly, cotton tote.

To that end, the Go Where it Grows mission is to give as much free publicity to growers as possible. We encourage all our friends to tag their favorite farms, farm stands, farmers’ markets – you name it!

Copy and use the hashtags, #GoWhereItGrows and #KnowFarmsKnowFood on your social media to help steer business to American Farms. Farmers can email us at KnowFarms@PledgeProject.US to submit photos, updates and events. A directory is also in the works at PledgeProject.US . Click login to create your own business profile. All of this at no cost to farmers.

The Know Farms Collection

Pledge Project believes in the importance of Food Security as a component of Homeland security. The empty grocery shelves and rationing at the height of the pandemic were shocking to see. Recently, hackers attacked the beef industry shutting down production and driving up costs. Because of this, farmers need to be able to protect themselves so they can protect the food supply. That takes money. If we do not take food security seriously, the end result will be higher prices, low quality imports, family farms closing and generations of traditions erased. Not on our watch!

Please join our efforts on social and email us at KnowFarms@PledgeProject.US to get involved!

Stay tuned for updates and news from our partners! Thanks & God Bless America!